Thursday, June 16, 2011

Riverdale Press Covers Bronx CAN Health Initiative

Riverdale Press:

"State Sen. Gustavo Rivera has set a goal to lose 20 pounds by October as part of a new health initiative he launched on Saturday with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Bronx CAN (Change Attitudes Now) aims to promote healthier lifestyles by bringing together local schools, community centers, health organizations and providers, community groups and religious institutions. The initiative will run through Oct. 24.

The initiative will allow Bronxites to set personal health goals and work toward achieving them. In addition to weight loss, goals can include eating healthier, quitting smoking, bringing down cholesterol levels or exercising on a regular basis.

Mr. Rivera said his own struggle with extra pounds, as well as the recently released County Health Rankings, which ranked the Bronx the unhealthiest county in the state, spurred him to action.

“I’ve had issues with my weight ... I was a skinny kid. I really didn’t think about establishing long-term healthier habits,” he said in a recent interview.

Mr. Rivera said he views himself as the “before,” and Mr. Diaz as the “after,” pictures.

Trimming the fat

“We would all like to look more like the borough president ... this is my role model. This is the guy I want to model myself after,” Mr. Rivera said.

“I am proud that my colleague, state Sen. Gustavo Rivera, is standing up for the health of his district and the entire Bronx by committing himself to becoming healthier over the course of this summer, and I wish him the best of luck in meeting his goals,” Mr. Diaz said in a press release.

Mr. Rivera plans to host a series of events within the 33rd district through October. For more information on participating organizations and events, go to"

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